• Delivering DeFi, Today.

    Lunamonta Technologies is a decentralized finance consulting company, specializing in delivering results for early stage startups and business using Ethereum and Web3 to drive the Decentralized Finance Revolution.

  • Advantages

    For startups, the motto is "adapt or fail". We focus on key results to run light and lean to quickly capture opportunities and users.


    Capture Network Effects

    By focusing on Ethereum, your application can connect to a host of DeFi applications. Allow your users to engage in a digital financial revolution by starting on the most mature smart-contract stack.


    Run Light

    Lunamonta's background in startup engineering focuses on automation and core technologies to help iterate quickly, and at scale. We can help you build pipelines that allow rapid iteration and testing, so when your application launches, you're ready.


    Don't trust, Verify

    By leveraging Ethereum, we can utilize the latest in formal verification procedures, and help you prepare for third party audits. Don't let TheDAO happen to you.

  • Deliverables

    DeFi moves fast, can we help you move faster? We understand the full-stack and can help deliver vertical applications that align with all parts of of your DAO.

    Web3 UI Development

    Our team can help build your user-facing application using Web3 and the latest in Javascript Framework technologies. We can build on Mobile as well as web, and can connect to a host of wallet technlogies.

    Contract Development

    Using Vyper, we can rapidly develop your contract applications and utilize the latest in Solidity technology.

    Data Operations

    Our experience in cloud computing technologies can help your deployment and infrastructure keep your DAO running. Let our team automate your data workflows to create measurable results for your bottom line.

    DeFi Consulting

    Do you have a general idea for a financial product, and want to know how to bring it to the blockchain? Let our team research for you, and help navigate your development plans.

  • Contact

    Your idea is waiting. Let Lunamonta help you get there.